Special Events

At First National Bank we are dedicated to being a true community bank and have a tradition of giving back to the communities that we serve. Our participation in a wide variety of programs, initiatives, and special projects demonstrates our commitment to positively impacting our community.

Women in the Workforce 2023 Event

Women in the Workforce - First National Bank’s Annual Women in the Workforce Event objective has always been to empower, motivate, and inspire Working Women. We continue to do this by inviting powerful women speakers to share personal stories at our events. The subjects, led by the women, touch on many challenges women face, from mental health and abusive relationships to discrimination in the workplace. We invite you to join us for our 2024 event. Remember, you are valued and appreciated...You are #Mint2B

Travel Club Placeholder Photo

First Adventurers Travel Club - First National Bank’s Travel Club is a cherished part of the FNB community. The Club provides our customers with exceptional travel services at a very competitive group rate - because there’s nothing better than traveling with your friends!