Cash Management

Cash Management

At First National Bank, we are continuously striving to offer services that improve your business opportunities. Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce expenditures, increase market reach, and streamline business functions. On the national average, a company spends anywhere from three to five dollars to bill and process one customer's account. With regularly imposed postal rate increases and other costs continually going up, this figure is not likely to decline.

How much is it costing your company to pay your bills per month? How many checks does your company have to write and distribute? How much do those checks cost? How many people did it take to process the checks? How much time is lost in account reconciliation?

With our cash management services, your business can escape the routine of bill payment and simplify the process by streamlining the paying of your labor force, reduce the amount of time needed to process accounts receivable, and drastically reduce the number of delinquent payments.

We are prepared to electronically handle the billing of your customers' accounts as well as any recurring payments for your company. Payroll, payments for supplies, and even your light bill can be processed automatically every month, and your cost will only be pennies per transaction.

Direct billing and payments have many beneficial side effects. The Post Office will no longer control your money. The days of bills lost in the mail are over, and the old "The check is in the mail" excuse will no longer be valid. With their paychecks deposited directly into their accounts, employees will no longer have to take extended lunches to go to their financial institution.

Our Cash Management service includes the following products:

Online Banking

Online Bill Payment

ACH Origination

Contact us today to learn more about these products and sign your business up for our Cash Management service.