Money Resolutions for 2019

Money Resolutions for 2019

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Are you among the one-third of Americans who made a money resolution for 2019? If not, you may want to join in!

Here are a few tips to help you get started on financial success in 2019.

Budgeting is key. This is the most important first step. There are plenty of apps that work great and are easy to use. Stop right now and download.

Check Your Credit Report – is free. You might be surprised by what you find. Verify all information is correct.

Contribute more to your retirement. At the least, increase it by 1%. You will be so glad you did. Call you HR department today and make it happen. Call your bank and ask them to start you a savings account and have the paperwork ready for you to sign.

Pay a little extra on debt. Make a commitment to pay $25 extra on your monthly credit payments. This includes, home, car and credit card debit. You will save money in the long run too.

Key in on bad habits. Eating out too often, splurging on specialty coffees or maybe must have fashion trends. You know what they are. You have the power!