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Small Business of the Year

The Small Business of the Year Award honors a member company that has fewer than 100 employees, has demonstrated visible growth and achievements, has adhered to their company brand, and has made a positive community impact by investing both through business and community support.

Experts say that to be a successful small business, you should embody 6 characteristics. You should be collaborative by building good rapport with both your employees and customers. You should be company-fulfilled and derive gratification from operating your business. You should be future-focused, constantly having an evolving business plan. You should be curious and always looking for ways to improve. You should be tech-savvy, especially in today’s digital world. And you should also be action-oriented, constantly taking steps to build your business.

Tonight’s Small Business of the Year recipient has proven to be a tremendous contributor to our community. They employ 11 community oriented people who all exhibit phenomenal work ethic and have been described by their customers of having a high level of devoted customer service. Each of their staff member is hard working, precise, and exudes love for what they do.

Giving back to our community is something that this company is passionate about. They have created an incentive program for the high school, which has given over $1000.00 to our local student athletes. After an internal remodel, they held a silent auction of their furniture for the local Boys & Girls Club of Grady County, an event that provided the club with a $4000.00 donation. Tonight’s recipient also sponsors the local high school Future Farmers of America Banquet meal and recently donated money to the restoration of our historic local theater. Their newly formed Youth Advisory Council was designed to teach the next generation that financial education is one way to make a difference in both their personal lives and in their community.

They work tirelessly to support local businesses, while being a community oriented business themselves.

Our 2017 Small Business of the Year is First National Bank.